Key Populations and HIV in South Africa: 2012-16 Report

A report focusing on South Africa as the epicentre of the global HIV pandemic. This report focuses on the populations with South Africa that are uniquely affected by HIV and whose specific health care needs are not appropriately addressed in South Africa's current HIV response. Many of these individuals remain on the periphery of society and face structural, social and individual risk factors that increase their vulnerability to, and the effect of, HIV. These key populations include men who have sex with men, sex workers, injecting drug users, prisoners, migrant populations, and transgender populations.

Sex Worker: An Introductory Manual for Health Care Workers in South Africa

This manual was developed as a resource for health care workers working with patients who engage in sex work. Sex work is a common practice in South Africa. In fact, sex workers exist in every community across the country, and many health care workers may have little experience in providing services for sex workers. This manual exists to serve as a guide to help sensitize and inform health care workers about the specific risks and health needs of sex workers in order to improve health care services and contribute to the treatment and prevention of HIV and other health issues in this community.

Men who have sex with men: An Introductory Guide for Health Workers in Africa

Men who have sex with men are just like everybody else and have the right to enjoy fufilled lives. However, as a result of discrimination and homophobia, many MSM are unable to reach their full potential and are faced with several health barriers to accessing health care and justice services. This guide aims to empower health care workers to discuss anal sex with men and women in addition to being sensitive to MSM behaviour. There is no way to determine whether a man is an MSM by looking at him, and the skills and understanding harnessed are applicable to all users of health care services and their providers.

People Who Inject Drugs & Other People Who Use Drugs: An Introductory Manual for Health Care Workers in South Africa 2012

This manual was developed as a resource for health care workers who work with clients who inject or use drugs. Some health care workers have limited experience with people who use drugs (PWUD), and many more may be unfamiliar with the practice of injection drug use or people who inject drugs (PWID). Drug use is common in South Africa, and there are indications that the practice of injection drug use is increasing. This manual aims to supply health care workers with the necessary skills and knowledge that are needed to provide support for PWID within South African health care settings.

IRMA: On the Map, Ensuring Africa's Place in Rectal Microbicide Research and Advocacy

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation's MSM (Men who have sex with men) unit has been active in helping to coordinate and advocate for an increase in microbicide reserch in partnership with the IRMA, International Rectal Microbicide Advocates. Information on the current Project ARM can be found here.