What we do

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation is committed to finding solutions to stem the spread of HIV and TB and to finding more effective strategies to manage the treatment of those affected by these diseases.    Our team of experienced doctors, supported by nurses, pharmacists, health workers and community counsellors conduct research into various aspects of HIV prevention and treatment.  All our interventions are underpinned by rigorous monitoring and evaluation with a view to replicating successful models and, ultimately, influencing health delivery policy.

Key to our work is the involvement and participation of those who are vulnerable and most at risk of contracting HIV.  These include communities in the Cape Town area where HIV and TB prevalence are particularly high, children living with HIV through mother to child transmission, young people, and marginalised groups such as men who have sex with men.

Our sites are situated in areas of extreme poverty and deprivation.  In such circumstances medical intervention is insufficient to respond to the needs of patients.  Counselling, health and reproductive health education, psycho-social support and training interventions are provided.