Get Involved

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation is on the cutting edge of new developments in HIV research. But in the circumstances of South Africa new ideas must go hand in hand with health education, training, and offering people the confidence to take responsibility for their own health. The DTHF invites you to contribute towards the empowerment of our communities.

Interns and Volunteers

We offer opportinities to work in the following areas:

  • engaging with youth in local communities
  • medical research methodolgy
  • statiistics and data analysis

Visit the Cape Town Intern Placement website for more information.

Projects which need your help

Mobile Units

Help us keep the mobile units on the road.

In a bid to make healthcare more accessible, Metropolitan partnered with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF), to launch the Tutu Tester Mobile Clinics in 2008.

The mobile clinics are kitted out with point of care diagnostics that enable immediate HIV and TB testing, diabetes and high blood pressure testing, as well as breast and testicular cancer examinations. Patients are also advised about their Body Mass Index (BMI).

The mobile clinic has been phenomenally well received by the communities which it visits and has seen in excess of 35 000 patients since it was first rolled out five years ago.

This service is now available to people in Mitchell's Plain & Khayelitsha.

The Tutu Treater is working in the Overberg communities.

Youth Centre

The Youth Centre in Masiphumelele (a poor community in the South Peninsula, Cape Town) needs sporting equipment, volunteers to assist in the computer and eductional programmes, jigsaw puzzles, games and anything else you think appropriate for youth between the ages of 12 - 22 years.
Donations may be delivered to Lavinia Browne at our Head Office: Level One, Wernher Beit North, Faculty of Health Sciences, Anzio Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa.

Donate via electronic fund transfer.